Christmas In Colombo

Christmas in Sri Lanka is celebrated in true Lankan style. Although the majority of Sri Lankan population is Buddhist, Christmas in Sri Lanka is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Preparation for this great day begin weeks before as in any other country. The festive sound of firecrackers waking you up at the dawn of December 1st is the first intimation that Christmas is round the corner. Almost every home of Christian, or catholic wake up with the dawn of the first day of the month of December to perform the first ritualistic task of the month of merry making. The festivity spreads through all shopping centres all over the island. Even the small wayside boutiques in the heart of the country come out with their small festive dรฉcor.

Location: Colombo

2015 Dec 25

Elephant Gathering In Minneriya National Park

During the dry season from July to October, water becomes scares in the north central province and wild elephants from all around migrate to Minneriya National Park’s large Minneriya reservoir. Coined as ‘The Gathering’, herds of over 300 elephants can be seen by the Minneriya water tank. The number of elephants ‘gathering’ at this time is known to be the highest in the world – a spectacular sight not to be missed. Recently the Lonely Planet guide declared the ‘Elephant Gathering’ in Minneriya as the ‘sixth greatest wildlife spectacle in the world…’

Location: Minneriya

2015 Aug 01 - 2015 Oct 31