Just that experience for you

What is your definition of the perfect business/holiday experience as you visit a tourist destination?


Is it warm hospitality, or prompt and timely service?


No matter what your reasons are for visiting Sri Lanka, and no matter what you desire for as a guest at a star-class hotel, BEST WESTERN Elyon Colombo is there at your beck and call with nothing short of the very finest in accommodation, gastronomy and friendly smiles! Yes, being a part of the globally acclaimed BEST WESTERN hotel chain, BEST WESTERN Elyon Colombo strives to maintain the impeccable standards of quality and service that it has been delivering on a global scale time and time again, replete with its workforce of well trained and personalized staff, along with exquisite furnishing, décor and cutting-edge technology.



While ‘Bistro’ is French for ‘a small restaurant’, this trendy joint that’s located at the ground floor of BEST WESTERN Elyon Colombo features cuisines that are beyond and yonder traditional Continental cuisine! From authentic Sri Lankan delicacies to that of its Continental counterpart, experience the ultimate in gastronomic indulgence from our expert chefs, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What’s more, numerous elegant restaurants and pubs flaunt the Colombo metropolis, presenting an array of cuisines – from local to international. Whether its authentic Italian pizza or exotic Mediterranean aperitifs – you name it, we have it!


Offering spectacular views of the Colombo cityscape, the VU Resto-Bar is the ideal spot to leave your troubles behind and simply unwind! Based on the Japanese ‘Ukiyo’ concept which translates to ‘floating world’ in English, this Resto-Bar features an extensive food and beverage range that’s coupled with sensational live music 4 nights a week.

A Dedicated Travel Desk

Our very own travel desk here at the BEST WESTERN Elyon Colombo caters to drops and pick-ups from the Katunayake International Airport, along with city tours in and around Colombo. We also arrange trips out of Colombo to other prominent destinations within Sri Lanka, such as towards the South or the Central Province.

Personalized Service

Guests have to ask only for special requirements. Our friendly, professional, detail-oriented staff will assist you in arranging an enjoyable stay. From airport transfers to even special meal arrangements feel free to contact us anytime.

Genuine hospitality

We pride ourselves for our friendly and courteous staff and each team member is delighted to make your stay memorable.

Round-the-clock front desk facilities

Feel free to check in and out anytime you wish! Plus, our room service and other related guest services will always be at your beck and call to make your stay at BEST WESTERN Elyon Colombo a pleasurable one, all Thanks to warm and sincere hospitality that is plentiful with greetings and smiles along the way!


With a state-of-the-art gym facility already present within the hotel premises, there is no shortage of scenic pathways and gardens within the hub for working your way to fitness amidst lush greenery and the occasional chirping of birds!


Festivities galore! Being the country’s epicentre for everything cosmopolitan, numerous pubs, nightclubs and karaoke bars grace the atmosphere offering a variety of musical genres; depending on which beats you prefer, you can feel free to take your pick from spots such as Disques (replete with house mixes and targeted to youngsters) or R and B / Silk / KaMa (now popular amongst a more matured group of party-goers).


Who wants to leave a country that is abundant with intricacy and detail in its varied cultural attributes without at least carrying a trinket home? Indeed, from its painstakingly carved and painted ‘Yaka’ masks to batiks that are dyed with one’s bare hands, Sri Lanka has much to present when it comes to artistic nuances – both cultural and otherwise.

Feel free to make a visit to Laksala or Barefoot which are famous for their assortments in customary merchandise, or to Odel if you’re up for the ultimate in retail therapy! We promise you won’t be disappointed!