Why Come To Sri Lanka

Why Come To Sri Lanka

Developed to international standards, the Medical Sector in Sri Lanka has now grown to be one of the most sought after hubs for excellent medical treatments and cures in all of Asia, particularly within South Asia. Owing to some of Colombo’s most notable hospitals gaining international recognition with their outstanding efforts in introducing quality medical infrastructure and expertise, seeking for optimum health and wellbeing in the city of Colombo is now conveniently possible for all those who visit for Medical purposes.

Here are just some key qualities and features of the Medical Industry here in Sri Lanka, and how most travellers who arrive for medical treatments can be benefited:

• Access to hospitals that have received a ‘World Class’ Global Performance Excellence Award, such as Lanka Hospitals, along with other leading hospitals such as Asiri Hospital, Asiri Surgical Hospital, Oasis Hospital and Ninewells Care Mother and Baby Hospital which have also been the pioneers of numerous medical and diagnostic services in the country,

• Availability of treatment over all medically recognised specialties (including cosmetic treatments) that are carried out by certified and experienced Doctors, Nurses, Attendants and other healthcare personnel,

• Comfort and convenience that’s versatile and affordable, with well furnished rooms, amenities and meals which specifically adhere to patients’ health requirements.

Located in close proximity to the epicentre of all of Colombo’s leading hospitals, Best Western Elyon Colombo can ensure unparalleled hospitality and ease of accessibility for all guests who arrive for medical purposes. including a range of value added services for those planning on a long-term stay.
Whether you are attending to a loved one who is undergoing treatment or are a patient yourself, our cordial team of staff will ensure that your entire period of stay throughout is made to feel comfortable, convenient and very much like home!
So come over, stay with people who care on your next Medical visit to Sri Lanka! For reservations or inquiries, please get in touch with us now and we’ll be glad to assist you.