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Colombo is Sri Lanka's largest city and presents a diverse array of "must-see and do" attractions for guests. The city is a blend of both old and new with its picturesque and beautiful landscapes, this vibrant location makes it a thrilling place to be. Our list of things to do includes something for everyone.


Things to do in Colombo

  • Colombo things to do
  • Enjoy A City Tour
  • The perfect way to experience Colombo is through a city tour. From exploring the commercial hub to the capital's best kept secrets will provide a unique adventure.
  • Seafood on the Beach
  • Enjoy the magic of a beautiful setting with scrumptious fresh seafood. Several restaurants along the beach offer delectable cuisine.
  • Drink a Thambili
  • The King Coconut or 'Thambili' is a refreshing, delicious and cooling local drink. Best drunk straight from the fruit, the sweet nectar and fleshy inside will make a delightful snack.
  • Rejuvenate yourself with Ayurveda treatments
  • Experience the healing power of ancient, holistic treatments that provide wellness to both body and mind.
  • Sri lanka tourist attractions
  • Visit temple/church
  • A visit to a beautiful historic temple or local church offers a fascinating glimpse into stone carvings and religious art forms.
  • Eat a typical rice & curry
  • A typical Sri Lankan spread enjoyed daily in most households is a serving of spicy and aromatic cuisine. This meal consists of rice served with curry of fish, meat, several other curries made with vegetables, chutneys and sambols.
  • Dehiwala Zoological Garden
  • Located in a suburban area, the spacious zoo is home to a wide range of exotic and indigenous animals, fauna, an impressive aquarium, botanical garden and butterfly park.
  • A Ride in a Trishaw
  • Among the quickest modes of traveling in Colombo is via a three-wheeler or trishaw. Open from both sides, the scenery and cool breeze will provide an interesting ride.
  • Enjoy pure Ceylon tea
  • For a traditional cup of pure Ceylon Tea, sample a cup of freshly brewed tea and enjoy its unique authentic flavor.

In Colombo things to do

  • Walk through our Sanctuaries
  • Sri Lanka is home to a wide variety of exotic flora, fauna and endangered species. Visiting these sanctuaries and botanical gardens will provide a very relaxing and informative outing for the family.
  • Visit a batik factory
  • Visiting Sri Lanka's unique traditional tie-n-dye industry one can witness the amazing process where vibrant colours and patterns are transferred on to fabric, decor and even accessories.
  • Places to visit in sri lanka
  • Walk through a paddy field
  • Enjoy a cool breeze and blissful scenery when taking a walk through a paddy field. The emerald green field will provide a unique perspective of village life.
  • Go on Whale & Dolphin watching
  • For an exciting and adventurous activity, engage in a whale and dolphin watching expedition. These majestic mammals are found in the surrounding waters of Sri Lanka and are a thrilling sight for adults and children alike.