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Popular places to visit in Sri Lanka

The main business hub of the Kalutara district which is famous for rubber plantation and tropical fruits. This City is located on the coast at the beautiful river mouth, a famous temple and a church can be seen at the centre. City is on the main road leading to the south.

Distance: 22 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 1 hr

Located north of Colombo, the city's name is derived from a combination of five villages. A commercial town, this district is also famous for plantation, low country crops, coconuts and pineapples.

Distance: 20 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 1 hr

Situated in close proximity to the International airport, the town is famous for fishing and tourism. Recognized as one of the oldest settlements of Christianity in Sri Lanka, there are many historical buildings and places in Negombo.

Distance: 25 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 1 hr

Known as the gateway to the hill country, the town is famous for rubber plantations, coffee and other mid-land crops. A majority of the population are farmers or businessmen related to agriculture. The city is also famous for paddy fields and is situated east of Colombo with an excellent climate throughout the year.

Distance: 35 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 1.5 hrs

Mount Lavinia
A commercial suburb, close to the city of Colombo, it is a reputed place for tourism mainly due to the beautiful beach location. There are plenty of hotels, shops, spas, night clubs and restaurants here. A busy city till very late.

Distance: 2 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 25 mins